Monday, 11 February 2008

Carsington Water 10/02/2008

We arrived at the Visitor Centre Car Park at about 20 past 11 and decided to have a walk all the way along the dam to see if we could see the Great Northern Diver that was still there but as usual we couldn't find it but we did see a nice drake Goldeneye and loads Great Crested and Little Grebes. We then had lunch and went to the Wildlife Centre.

At the Wildlife Centre we saw a Pink-Footed Goose in with the Canada Geese and it was the first time I had seen 1 at Carsington Water and the first Oystercatchers of the year where on Horseshoe Island. I looked for the Little Owl that sits on the posts near the Wildlife Centre and found it in the lower branches of a tree preening itself. I decided to scan the far end of the reservoir where the Great Northern Diver usually hangs out and to my suprise I saw it, although it was very distant it was definitly it.

Pink-Footed Goose

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