Monday, 11 February 2008

After School Waxwing

When I was on the computer at school on Friday I went onto Birdguides website and found out that a Waxwing had been found on Ferrers Way in the Allestree area of Derby. Instead of doing my school work I went on to multi-map to find out where exactly Ferrers Way is and memorise the route my house to there.

As soon as the bell went I ran home all 1 mile of it and persuaded my dad to take there. I grabbed my binoculars and telescope and still in my school we left for Ferrers Way. We first went to the place it had been seen in the morning but there was nothing there. My dad then went to the nearby shopping centre and said I could go and look at the place it had been seen in the afternoon which was near the Shopping Centre.
After about 10 minutes the Waxwing flew and landed in a tree about 25 meters away from where I was standng and was feeding on the berries. It was bigger than I thought it would be and its yellow wing bars really stood out. It was still feeding in the same tree when I had to go home.

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